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Bay Recruitment Ltd aims to provide highly professional recruitment service excellence to all employers and job seekers as well as high level efficiency in all aspects of clinical research patient recruitment.


Trust us to find the right person

for the job or the right patients for your clinical trials


A high calibre workforce will increase your company's productivity, and is an essential part of every successful organisation. So, when you have an important position to fill or clinical trial recruitment deadlines to meet, you'll want to get it absolutely right.


When you need an expert in patient recruitment, Bay Recruitment's efficiency and local knowledge will expedite recruitment for your clinical trial, freeing up your study staff to work on clinical matters.


Making sure the person you hire has the right skills and experience for the position is just the beginning. What about the personality attributes that would work well with your existing staff? Have you considered what sort of mind-set would be a best fit for your organisational culture? And what documentation do you need to have in place to comply with HR law?


Should you need an expert to assist with patient recruitment for a clinical trial, Bay Recruitment should be your first port of call.


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The perfect match for your position and/or clinical trial

We specialise in finding the perfect match for every job vacancy, even in highly competitive job markets. Our recruitment process is highly personalised, so we'll find someone who matches your exact requirements. With Bay Recruitment Ltd, you get a candidate who not only does the job well, but who has the potential to become a future asset to your company as well.


If your need is finding the right patients for your clinical trial, Bay Recruitment will be able to assist (on a needs basis) with your clinical trial from recruitment planning stage right through to the pre-screening of patients for your clinical research studies.


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Fast and efficient

(patient) recruitment solutions

Running a business or clinical research site can be complicated enough without having to worry about the time and expense of hiring people or recruiting patients. That's why our (patient) recruitment services are tailored to your specific needs. Because we take the time to get to know you, your business and/or your clinical research site, you'll get exactly the help you need with your (patient) recruitment, rather than a costly one-size-fits-all solution.


Whether you need:

  • Patient recruitment advice and/or solutions at your clinical trial site
  • Advertising/branding/call-centre/pre-screening assistance for a clinical trial at your research site
  • A complete end-to-end staffing solution
  • Help with any part of the recruitment process
  • Consultancy and advice on HR and recruitment issues

...that's exactly what you'll get.


With Bay Recruitment Ltd, you get a solution that solves your (patient) recruitment problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can get on with business/clinical research as usual.


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Whether you're running a small business, or you're part of a large organisation, you'll always get 'red carpet treatment' from us. We promise to treat you as an individual, and meet your unique (patient) recruitment needs in the very best way we can - guaranteed.




Bay Recruitment is the most professional recruitment company I have used. Their screening techniques are tailor made to the positions based on Job Descriptions and ideal specifications."

- Steve Anstey, Group General Manager - (Ahura Resorts)

Claire has provided good, well qualified candidates whenever I have used her. Using her for recruitment has saved me hours of time."

- David Compton, Owner/Director –

(Quest Newmarket)


...I have worked with a lot of recruitment consultants over the years and would not know anyone who would display that level of candidate care."

Claire, I can’t thank you enough for your efforts. I hope to secure a job through you...as you have been the most helpful and proactive contact I have spoken with since I arrived in NZ.”

I will definitely recommend you to anyone that I know of who is looking for an excellent recruiter!"


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